About Us

About Us

LTP Import Export B.V. is one of the leading importers and suppliers of Asian – European Foods & Beverage in The Netherlands. With a wide variety of more than 2500 items, we are happy to supply well branded and high-quality products to all wholesalers and retailers over 30 countries in Europe. Our excellence lies in excellent customer service, top-notch quality products with the most competitive price. Having experiences in Asian products, our multicultural sales team always focuses on customer demands and offers fast customized service to clients: Asian & European supermarkets, wholesalers, etc.

Our core values:

Professionally equipped by multilingual sales team to smoothen your purchase journey with peace of mind from reasonably good prices of top-notch products’ quality to innovatively fast delivery. We aspire to bring great variety of products from fresh, frozen and dry goods to fulfil your food shelves. Your satisfaction makes our day.

From our great variety of products to your fulfilled food shelf

With a great variety of more than 2500 products we –LTP Import Export BV – are proud to be your most innovative food supplier of Asian and European products. What else is more satisfied to have a peace of mind when it comes to fulfilling your food shelf with all kinds of Asian and European cuisine from fresh, frozen and dry items. It is a dream come true to have any specific sorts of Asian and European food wherever you are.

From our professional experience to your prosperous business 

LTP Import Export BV is an agile Asian and European food trading enterprise based in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. Over the years, we are proud to have been doing business with reliable partners and key players in the food industry in Europe and Asia. With our international expertise, we aspire to help your business prosper.

From our multilingual sales personnel to your business growth

At LTP Import Export BV, we love what we do, which motivates us to make our clients utmost satisfied with any purchases. Moreover, we always have our clients’ best interest at heart every step of the buying process from giving personalized advice, recommending most sold products, arranging efficient transportation and safe payment methods. Simply, we believe in working hard to grow better together with our clients today and every day.

From our first-rate suppliers to your perfect quality

The meticulous selection of the highest quality is our utmost concern and focus when it comes to the products offered. Have been doing business with high-reputed foods manufacturers across Asia and Europe, we are committed to bringing the best offers to our clients with the perfect guarantee.

From our quality standards to your world-class reputation

We are highly aware that the client’s trust is built over the course of time. To have a firm foundation of our client’s reliability, in the long run, we always ensure the highest quality and hygiene of the goods imported and exported. We are proud to be qualified by EU quality control, which provides exceptional products for your purchases.

From our innovative transportation to your agile delivery

We actively aim to deliver top-notch products at a reasonable price at your earliest request. Having contacts with many reliable transport companies, we are confident to provide flexible delivery with the most efficient logistics. The best transport firms have to offer across Asia and Europe.

Tel: +31(0)297309197
Fax: +31(0)97309101
Email: sales@ltpimpex.com

About Us


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